Prince Edward Island Tint Laws

Canada window tint laws are different in each province, and this article provides all relevant information about window tinting laws in Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward window tint laws overview:

  • Windshield: No tint allowed.
  • Front side windows: No tint allowed.
  • Back side windows: Any darkness can be used.
  • Rear window: Any darkness can be used when car has left and right side rear view mirrors.

On Prince Edward Island you are not permitted to install any aftermarket window tint on the windshield nor on front side windows.

Prince Edward Island laws only allow clear non-tinted frost shields or window stickers which do not impair driver vision.

There are no tinting restrictions and any level of darkness can be used on back side windows.

You can use any tint percentage on your rear window as well, however in that case your car must have left and right exterior rear view mirrors.

Other Prince Edward Island tint laws:

  • Reflective tint: Forbidden.
  • Side mirrors: Mandatory if rear window is tinted.
  • Medical exemptions: None.
  • Certificate requirements: None.
  • Tint sticker requirements: None.

Source: Prince Edward Island Highway Traffic Act, Part V: Equipment, Miscellaneous Equipment, 138. Window Glazing, front and side (.pdf file, 3MB, scroll to section 138 on page 72; alternate link, last retrieved June 2022).

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