Manitoba Window Tint Laws

Canada window tint laws are different in each province, and this article provides all relevant information about window tinting laws in Manitoba.

Manitoba window tint laws overview:

  • Windshield: Top 127mm (5 inches) may be tinted with no less than 25% VLT.
  • Front side windows: Must have over 50% VLT (blocks less than 50% of total light).
  • Back side windows: Any darkness can be used.
  • Rear window: Any darkness can be used.

Windshield tint in Manitoba is permitted only on the top portion of the windshield up to 12.7 centimeters, exactly 5 inches.

If the tint is in a uniform shade (same darkness over the whole 5″ area) the tint may not block more than 75% of light.

In case of a gradual gradient, light transmission may not be reduced below 5% in top 64mm, and 25% in the area between 64mm and 127mm from the top of the windshield.

Front side windows may be tinted but must pass through 50% or more light. Light reflection on front passenger windows may not be over 35%.

Back side windows and rear windshield may have any darkness as long as vehicle has exterior rear view mirrors on left and right side.

Manitoba window tint laws also permit a 5% variance when testing windows with a light transmission meter device.

Our Manitoba tint laws are always up to date! We noticed many other websites and even local tinting businesses have inaccurate information, so please be careful and verify it yourself.

Other Manitoba tint laws:

  • Reflective tint: Maximum of 35% for front and back side windows, no reflection permitted on windshield and rear window.
  • Side mirrors: Mandatory if rear side windows block over 50% of light.
  • Medical exemptions: None.
  • Certificate requirements: None.
  • Tint sticker requirements: None.

Source: Consolidated Regulations of Manitoba, The Highway Traffic Act (C.C.S.M. c. H60): Vehicle Equipment, Safety and Inspection Regulation, Part 3: Prohibited and Restricted Equipment, Other Equipment – Tinted windows (direct link, .PDF file, see page 72 – Tinted windows 3.22(1), alternate link; , last retrieved Dec 2021).

Car window tint laws in Canada

Each Canadian province has its own rules and regulations, and violating vehicle equipment laws can get you cited even when visiting other provinces.

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