Victoria Window Tint Laws

Australia window tint laws are different in certain territories and states. This article provides all relevant information about window tinting laws in Victoria (Vic) state.

Victoria Window Tint Laws:

  • Windshield: Only uppermost 10% of the windshield or area above wipers may be tinted.
  • Front side windows: Must have more than 35% VLT.
  • Back side windows: Must have more than 20% VLT.
  • Rear window: Must have more than 20% VLT.

In Victoria windscreens may only have a tinted strip on top, equaling to 65mm, less than 10% of total windshield area, or the portion of the windshield above the reach of windshield wipers, whichever is greater.

No aftermarket window tint is permitted on windshields, but factory-made windshields may have up to 70% VLT.

Windows directly adjacent to driver’s seat or front side windows may have up to 35% VLT.

Back side windows and rear window may have 20% VLT. If vehicle does not have two rear-view mirrors then 35% is legal.

In Victoria and based on VicRoads recommendation it is “desirable” for windows to the side and ahead of the driver to have over 70% VLT, but legally speaking 20% is permitted.

Other Victoria window tint regulations:

  • Reflectance of window film must be under 10%.
  • Factory-made glass on windshields may have up to 75% VLT, or 70% if manufactured before July 1971.
  • Windows on some buses which are not in driver’s field of view may have any tint darkness.

Victoria tint law source:

VicRoads Vehicle Standards Information: Window Tinting (PDF file).

VicRoads Vehicle Safety – Window tinting information

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Australia window tint laws

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