Tint Tester – Preview Your Window Tint Darkness

We developed a custom tool for previewing car window tint, enabling you to get a live preview of different levels of light transmission.

Simply drag the slider below image to select your Visible Light Transmission (VLT) level, displayed as percentage in the bottom right corner.

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Keep in mind this is only a preview and actual results may vary. Generally tint appears slightly darker from the outside than our simulator shows (less light coming through windows makes it even harder to see inside a vehicle).

Window film is also designed to block light coming in, but still provide good visibility from inside your car. For example, 15% VLT film blocks 85% of light and provides very little vision from outside to the inside of your car, but still enables very good vision from inside the vehicle.

Type of tinting film and specific light conditions can also affect how tinted windows look. Our tool is only a simulator and real-world outcome may be different.

Always ensure your window tint is legal. It doesn’t matter how well you think you can see, going beyond legal limits will get you cited. You must also consider nighttime driving, as driving with low VLT windows can be difficult and even dangerous.

Attempting to drive with sunglasses at night is an easy way to understand how low light transmission can make it difficult. In most states tinting windshields is also illegal because it prevents other drivers and pedestrians from making eye contact with you.

For more information about tint darkness percentages and VLT see this article!