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Tinting-Laws.com is a trusted authority website with the most up to date information about legal window tinting in United States.

Our goal is to ensure you get accurate, concise, and easy to understand info you can trust!

Who are we?

Tinting-Laws is an independent and privately owned website, and we work with multiple lawyers, traffic law experts, and reliable tinting companies across the US to ensure our information is accurate.

Our independence from specific organizations ensures we can remain an unbiased source, not influenced by personal gain of a few tinting business owners offering illegal tinting and providing customers with bad information.

Our information

Our information is based on each state’s official laws (links specified on each State Tinting Law page).

All sources and info for all states is checked multiple times every year to ensure it’s up to date. Our loyal visitors and trusted partners are always quick to let us know in case of any changes to state laws.

Please understand that we only use verifiable and official state/DMV information for our pages. Multiple tinting businesses have attempted to mislead us in the past into providing inaccurate information citing various unofficial sources, and we will not be changing it without proper and clear sources.

It is up to each tinting business owner to decide whether they want to install illegal window tint for their customers, but our goal will always be to provide lawful and accurate information.

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