Tips for Hiring a Window Tint Company

Applying car window tintIn today’s world most businesses are just looking to make a quick buck. A high price is no guarantee of quality of work done in any business, and the same applies to window tinting. Tinting is becoming increasingly popular over the past years due to many people becoming increasingly aware of the risks of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, and because of the ever so important need for more privacy.

Window tinting businesses and the whole industry is booming nowadays. Despite many people deciding to tint their car windows by themselves, an even greater number or drivers decide to leave it in the capable hands of professionals. It’s usually the smarter choice, but there are a few steps you can take to ensure even professional companies do their work properly and that you will be satisfied with their work.

1. Find your desired film

First of all you should decide what VLT (basically, film darkness) you want your car tint to be. We have an article here with a very illustrative image which should help you visually provide an example of tint darkness you may want to get. As you can see from the image even a low darkness film can have dramatic benefits so you don’t have to go overboard with it. It’s especially important that you follow the laws: look for tinting laws for your state of residence and make sure the level of tint is within your state laws.

2. Find multiple tinting companies

Secondly, when you do find a window tint company make sure it isn’t the only one. Try to contact at least two different window tinting businesses and request quotes for their work. The price differences can be significant, and the quality of their work may not necessarily be reflected in it. It’s also advised you check if the company offers any warranty. A real professional firm will in most cases provide a guarantee of the quality of their work. If they don’t want to offer at least 1 year or warranty on your window tint you may want to look elsewhere.

3. Request high quality film

You should also request a high quality tint to be installed as well. Cheap tint may do the trick as well but it definitely lacks in durability, and the difference in quality of tinting film can be tremendous. recommends you go for a higher quality film, even if it’s more expensive. In the long run you’ll be saving money, since you definitely don’t want to change the film every year or two.

4. Inspect the work

Lastly once the film has been applied to your car windows you should carefully inspect it and make sure everything is in order. The first and most obvious sign of trouble are air bubbles: if you spot many it usually means the film wasn’t applied correctly. There should also be no dust or dirt under the film either, so check if the surface feels smooth. Additionally, the tinting film should be applied on the whole window all the way to the edges, and remember to check to make sure it doesn’t peel off easily.

Small imperfections on the tint are tolerable and you shouldn’t expect absolutely perfect work.

These are the basic tips how you can choose quality window tinting experts and make sure the tinting film is applied correctly. Wasting money is not in your best interest and you surely don’t want to have to reapply the film for at least a couple of years after installing it. Ensuring you pick a reputable window tinting company that does quality work is the first step, so make sure that the end results are to your satisfaction.